TT 1000 flex

TT 1000 flex is a panel shape microporous insulation with classification temperature of 1000℃, targeting applications with temperatures of 950℃ max. The vacuum-packed panels can reach thicknesses of only 3mm. As an effect of the pulled vacuum the panels can be bent around cylindrical objects.

The strong PE bag protects the microporous board from water during the installation process. At first heating the PE bag will be destroyed and evaporated like other organic materials in the system.

Other option-grooves and flexing

This option allows a dust-free handling and provides a certain protection against water. It allows an easy and convenient application due to self-bending under a light vacuum. This product can offer different bending options and along with good thermal insulation properties,
it can typically be used for medium and big diameter pipes or pipes in pipe systems. It can be offered as one piece or more sections, depending on customer application requirement.