Unicorn microporous insulation for furnace applications – energy efficiency improvement

Energy is very important to industry and the conservation of energy by controlling energy losses is a key factor in reducing the environmental impact of industry. Industrial furnaces are high energy stage in any manufacturing process. Any reduction in the energy consumption of furnaces will have a dramatic effect on the profitability of process.
Energy loss is controlled by use of an insulation. Regarding of the most efficient insulations, microporous insulation products will be the ideal choice of energy consumption reduction and very thin insulation layers.

Unicorn microporous insulation boards has been used by the designers in many kinds of industrial furnaces and we are always assisting designers in achieving truly cost-effective volume production in hot manufacturing processes. Our products are now used for hundreds of furnace customers who need efficient insulation.

Benefits of using unicorn microporous insulation:

  • Excellent thermal insulation performance can greatly reduce the energy consumption; products can be applied in temperature range up to 1200℃。
  • The possible thinnest insulation layers: only about one quarter the thickness of conventional insulations at high temperature.
  • Lightweight but load bearing.
  • Wide product range includes rigids and flexible panels, pourable granulates, and machined parts.
  • Easy to install and store.
  • Environmental safe – both for environment and people.

Typical application scenarios:

Roller kilns, aluminum melting furnace, holding furnace, ceramic tunnel kiln.