ceramic and lithium kilns

Using the outstanding thermal insulation properties of our microporous insulation products, the possible optimization of insulation design in the high temperature area can be achieved, therefor many further positive effects are reachable for ceramic and lithium furnace manufacturers:

  • The clear degradation of the cold side temperature leads to a lowering of the operating cost by improvement of the energy balance per ton of burned final products.
  • The cold side temperature could be clearly lower compared to conventionally insulated furnaces and allows a possible improvement for the working reliability.
  • Reduce health risks before, during and after the installation are eliminated compared to the installation of other conventional insulation materials.

Unicorn microporous insulation products features:

Extremely low thermal conductivity

High thermal resistance and stability

Very low shrinkage

Hydrophobic versions are available

Temperature resistance up to 1200℃

A1 fire rating, non-combustible

Thin and lightweight

Environmentally friendly and safe

Easy to handle and install

Simple to cut and shape