molten metals industries

Unicorn high-performance microporous products can greatly reduce heat loss at each stage of metal production. These ultra-thin and lightweight systems are designed for both continuous high temperature operation. Their long service life enables customers to increase the number of production cycles and optimize process efficiency and improve the work environment much safer.

Typical applications:

Steel ladles, tundishes, electric arc furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, and torpedo car.

Melting and holding furnaces, induction furnaces, aluminum electrolytic cell, aluminum transfer systems.

Unicorn microporous insulation products features:

Extremely low thermal conductivity

High thermal resistance and stability

Very low shrinkage

Hydrophobic versions are available

Temperature resistance up to 1200℃

A1 fire rating, non-combustible

Thin and lightweight

Environmentally friendly and safe

Easy to handle and install

Simple to cut and shape